Old Mad Max is back…


“Old Mad Max is back with a vengeance! The first issue Der Geist is a tight cluster of time bombs, many of which have been quietly ticking away in forgotten corners for more than a century, only to erupt now and blast away the fog that drapes a modern reader’s mind. The philosophy of Egoism—also known as Individualist Anarchism—was first kindled by the German firebrand Max Stirner in the mid nineteenth century. Stirner’s uncompromising ideas attracted a colorful band of fellow travelers in Europe and America before being edged out by the shabby collectivist ideologies that claim to represent liberation, but always end in moraline ghettoes of groupthink at best, or homicidal slave-states at worst. Der Geist unveils a secret history of self-sovereignty that is as incendiary as it is inspirational.”

— Michael Moynihan, author of Lords of Chaos

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